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Your four legged friends deserve to function optimally too!  You may have noticed dogs tend to be a little more active and sometimes rambunctious than we are.  Large or Small, Short or Tall, Keep them moving and improving with treatments for one and all!

Although you may believe cats are indestructible because of their impossible landings and maneuvers, they also should get periodic treatments to keep the body functioning optimally.

By seeking care from an AVCA certified practioner you can be certain your doctor is current in his or her continued professional growth and education as it applies to chiropractic care and management of animals.


Chiropractic can be an effective form of treatment for species of all kinds, especially dogs and horses. Dogs and horses are natural athletes and their joints and muscles deserve the special treatment that is available through chiropractic. If your dog or horse is experiencing joint problems, low mobility or other problems, talk to Dr. Roman Hysell about chiropractic care.

Chiropractic can be effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Decreased performance, laziness
  • Loss of wind capacity
  • Problem or difficulty with executing desired movement (climbing, jumping or negotiating obstacles)
  • Behavioral changes (refusal to participate in activities)
  • Trouble with eating/playing
  • Short striding, uneven stride, dragging nails/toe, stumbling
  • Diagnosed conditions, such as degenerative arthritis
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  • Muscle imbalance, spasms or atrophy
  • Abnormal posture with standing, uneven hips with standing
  • Shaking of head
  • Ear troubles or allergies
  • Injuries from falls, training or other activities
  • Chronic disease/conditions, weak immune system
  • General preventative or maintenance care

All animal chiropractic care is supervised by a licensed veterinarian and treatment is done at a veterinary facility.  Unfortunately at this time I do not have access to a large animal veterinary facility, and can only treat small animals.

“Maddie, my 9 year old Rottweiler has had Chiropractic care for the last 5 years… Maddie has a bone spur between #4 and 5 vertebrae in her back. Regular chiropractic care helps her stay healthy and pain free. My Rottweiler puppy, Kaylee now 9 months old, gets regular adjustments. I want her to have a long and healthy life and I feel chiropractic care is a part of that.” –Kathy Collier, Oakhurst, CA

“My husband and I, as well as my four agility dogs, have found the benefits of chiropractic care to be invaluable to our overall health and well being. Chiropractic care has also been a critical factor for our athletic enjoyment and success. Our dogs are our family members and it is always heartwarming to see the difference in their movement after an adjustment. Dr. Hysell is a skilled and caring doctor of chiropractic.” –Sandy Schneider, Fresno, CA

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